Knox Whiskey Works

Knoxville, TN

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    With every project we produce, the first stage of Development usually begins by sitting down with our client over a cup of coffee (or in the case of KWW, an amazing hand crafted cocktail) and discuss what is important to communicate to their audience. At the time, Knox Whiskey Works was on the brink of their busy Summer season and was seeking to boost not only their brand and product line, but also a new, unique offering that was not available in previous lineups. 


     During the Covid-19 breakout, KWW was one of the amazing, stand out distilleries that altered their operations in order to create and provide hand sanitizer. Due to the high popularity that their hand sanitizer ultimately achieved within their market, KWW's instructions for us were to feature it in a promotional film alongside an established flagship product. We were elated. 


     While conceptualizing this branding film, we gathered together the elements that we believed made Knox Whiskey Works such a unique company. In the end, we built a story on the concepts of adventure, companionship, hand crafted products and the love for a hard earned experience. We believe these elements capture the down-to-earth, life-loving people of the KWW brand and the customers that make up their loyal base. 

"Circa Twenty Four is a wonderful company that you should definitely consider partnering with for any of your videography needs! They are fans of Knox Whiskey Works and reached out to us when we needed it most! Just like many other small businesses, Covid really impacted our distillery. Amanda reached out to us to offer her assistance however they could! She and Kyle worked tirelessly to create a beautiful  commercial that really showcases our business. They are two of the sweetest people we have met to date, and we look forward to working with them in the future. Seriously, do yourself a favor and work with this wonderful couple and their production company. Circa Twenty Four ROCKS! You will not be disappointed!"

- Amanda 

Bar Manager, Knox Whiskey Works 

Chad Dennis Photography

Atlantic Beach, FL

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    When we were contacted by Chad from Chad Dennis Photography, it was at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Overnight, companies of all sizes were reforming their operations and, in some cases, shutting down completely. In turn, patrons were of the understanding that their usual vendors were suddenly and indefinitely unavailable. For companies, time was of the essence to communicate their new schedules and practices to their customer base.


    In Chad's case, we were able to meet on Friday, shoot on Saturday, and have a finished deliverable by Sunday evening, ready for a prime-time, Monday morning debut. 

   Though the turn around on this project was narrow, we worked with Chad to develop an engaging informative concept that would catch the eye of his audience. We ultimately landed on a "Vlog" style announcement with quick cuts, silly humor, and above all, true to the Chad Dennis Photography brand. I should say there was plenty behind the scenes of cuddling with all the cute dogs! 

"What can I say about my experience with Circa Twenty Four Pictures? It was wonderful. Extremely talented, professional and dedicated 100% to the success of my project. Their execution was spot on for the vision I had for my company."

- Chad

Owner, Chad Dennis Photography

Feel Good Coffee House

Brick Township, NJ

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   Our Feel Good Coffee House project was a great example of how we are able to create the same quality of work for our clients, even if we are not in the same room, or, in the same state. Though this approach is not meant for every client and project, it worked well for a mom and pop shop like FGCH where the owner's simply could not step away from their day to day operations.   

  We held our initial meetings with Rachael (owner/operator, Feel Good Coffee House) via conference call. Here, she helped us to get to know her company and what we could do to serve her. Walking away from our conversations, we understood a couple of things very well:


        1) FGCH is a completely hands-on operation that involves love, care, and attention to detail and,


        2) Music and art are strong pillars that create the Feel Good Coffee House Brand


   With this information, we began developing a script that would be concise yet fun and energetic, effectively sampling the brand and culture of Feel Good Coffee House. In knowing this was going to be a film where the product would be the sole focus, it was going to be important to show off the unique, hand crafted packaging of the FGCH's fresh rosasted coffee. We decided that whatever the mechanical process of doing this, it should tie in directly with the creative concept of the film. We were inspired by Rachael's love of 70's music and decided to use a vintage style record player to not only serve as demonstrating the package, but also as context for the music and aesthetic choices we made to support the theme.

   In this case, we made sure that every portion of this film pointed back to Rachel and Feel Good Coffee House; to us, representing a brand means being true and serving a realistic and truthful rendition of what was the hard, endearing work of its creators and curators. Also, since the coffee and packaging materials were shipped in from FGCH, we were pleasantly surprised by the amazing smell of our studio once we began filming with her fresh roasted coffee beans! Can't wait to work with FGCH again! 

"My experience with Circa Twenty Four has been amazing! Kyle and Amanda are so professional, humble, and creative. They really care about what they are doing and it shows in their work! I was beyond impressed with my final product. It is so refreshing to work with a company that has integrity and soul. I would absolutely use them again, and recommend them to my friends and family. They were concise, timely, and delivered an amazing product. 10 out of 10!"

- Rachael 

Owner, Feel Good Coffee House 

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