Atlanta, GA

A Film Production Company

Amanda Anderson 
Owner, Executive Producer
Circa Twenty Four Pictures, Inc. 

   It was when I met my husband, Kyle, that I became aware of my new career destination: the film and television business. Kyle, a film school graduate and prolific film maker, introduced me to the vast and endless landscape that I would soon envision myself working in. Over the following years, I listened to his experiences working on major feature films and TV shows filmed in Atlanta; I realized my passion for the magic of film and that my skills would easily translate to the world of production. It was on a cool Autumn morning over a cup of coffee that Circa Twenty Four Pictures was realized.

   Circa Twenty Four believes wholeheartedly in sharing your visual story and is equally invested in helping you achieve your business goals. We believe that your brand is special and deserves the sort of care and respect that an owner can give. To serve others by way of this production company is a privilege greater than I ever imagined. I look forward to helping you shape the future of your company, one frame at a time. 

   Prior to forming Circa Twenty Four Pictures, I built a career consulting for organizations of all sizes, helping them identify and create strategic solutions for their business challenges. Through my work with employees at all levels, I learned that cultivating relationships was fundamental to improving clients' productivity, engagement, and culture.

   Over time, it became clear to me that I am passionate about building relationships, finding the gaps in how a business is reaching their audience, and helping to create and implement innovative solutions. And within this joy, I understood that I needed to find a new platform to work from in order to fully utilize my strengths and passions. 







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